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Our popular #WebinarWednesday series offers practically-focused programs on top-of-mind industry topics.

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Upcoming Programming

  • The Rise of MRB's

    Contains 2 Component(s) Includes a Live Web Event on 08/04/2021 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

    Marijuana Related Businesses may be one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. This webinar will evaluate MRBs as underlying holdings in RICs and other investment products. Industry participants with MRB offerings provide timely insights on this evolving topic.

  • The Future of Retirement Plans

    Contains 2 Component(s) Includes a Live Web Event on 08/18/2021 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

    Demographic changes are having a big impact on how people save for retirement. Explore the shifting consumer landscape and its impact to retirement plans with our panel of industry experts as they take a deep dive into emerging trends such as improving accessibility, evolving legislation, and enhanced communications for holistic financial planning and wellness.

  • Regulatory Trends for 2021 and Beyond

    Contains 2 Component(s), Includes Credits Includes a Live Web Event on 08/25/2021 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

    By highlighting a variety of regulatory changes impacting asset managers, the program will help firms prepare for new and existing regulations. This panel will feature a combination of fund experts, legal professionals and compliance and regulatory executives.

On-Demand Webinars

  • Trends in the Advisor Landscape 2021

    Contains 6 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 07/28/2021

    Get the latest insight into the 2021 advisor landscape. Asset managers and distributors are invited to learn the importance of developing targeted and successful strategies that increase their reach and impact among financial advisors. Join Cogent for up-to-the-minute thought leadership on advisor preferences and insightful guidance on how to strengthen partnerships.

  • Operationalizing Data for Wholesaling

    Contains 6 Component(s), Includes Credits

    Firms across the global asset management industry are striving to be ‘data-driven.’ Do you have a clear understanding of how your organization’s data is being used in the field? Join our panel of Business Intelligence professionals and wholesalers and discover how to utilize business analytics, data mining, and infrastructure to quickly adapt to market changes and identify valuable business opportunities.

  • A Global View on Alternative Investments 2021

    Contains 6 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 07/21/2021

    Alternative investments continue to attract attention from investors around the globe. To help asset managers and fund initiators plan for the future, we have assembled a panel of global experts to review the current trends, likely trend changes in the alts landscape over the coming years and the key business imperatives to keep on the radar in 2021 and beyond. This webinar will focus on current market trends in alternatives such as changes in the product landscape, when and why investors and initiators decide to enter the alternatives space, and the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing and servicing alternatives.

  • ESG: Transforming Asset Management and Fund Distribution

    Contains 6 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 06/02/2021

    Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is a leading driver of change within the asset management industry. Join our panel of industry experts for distribution and product insights into one of the fastest growing segments of the fund industry. Our program is designed to provide value to Nicsa members with an up-to-the-minute assessment of opportunities available for asset managers and fund providers.

  • Listen, Learn & Lead: Who We are: The AAPI Community

    Contains 2 Component(s)

    Nicsa's Listen, Learn & Lead program is a series of important discussions around diverse segments in the asset management industry. As part of its Listen, Learn & Lead series, Nicsa hosts an important discussion with professionals from the AAPI Community about their personal journeys within the asset management industry including career growth opportunities, business relationships, entry into finance, and the hurdles along the way. Take away actionable guidance and tips that all business leaders - across all levels, racial identities and backgrounds - can leverage to address inequalities and prejudices in the workplace, to build more inclusive organizations, and harness the benefits of a diverse workforce.

  • Return to the Office - The Future of the Workforce

    Contains 2 Component(s) Recorded On: 05/19/2021

    2020 changed the landscape of the workplace indefinitely. Join us for an open discussion around the evolution of policies and processes for returning to the 'new normal' in a post-pandemic environment. Attendees will hear from three different perspectives: HR, operations and client relations as they talk candidly about new challenges and opportunities as employees begin to return to the office.

  • The Future of Relationship Management in Asset Management

    Contains 6 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 05/05/2021

    The events of the past year may have reshaped many ways in which asset managers interact with their clients and business partners. But changes in relationship management had already started pre-pandemic and the past year accelerated many trends. Clients continue to demand more custom solutions, advice driven relationships and simplicity. Asset managers have increasingly found ways to use technology to enhance and deepen relationships. Talent models for relationship managers have also evolved as have the way asset managers interact with clients. What is the future of relationship management and what trends will we see for the future and how to plan our resources to meet the changes?

  • Democratization of Alternatives

    Contains 6 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 04/28/2021

    Alternative investments continue to attract attention from investors around the globe. Join our panel of industry experts, sponsored by Ultimus Fund Solutions, as we take a deep dive into the global trends that are driving the alternatives market. Hear the latest insights on the variation of product structures and the evolving opportunities on the distribution landscape.

  • Diversity Data: What is at stake? Business, Reputation and Talent

    Contains 2 Component(s) Recorded On: 04/22/2021

    The effective collection of diversity data is not just a talent issue, it is also a critical business and reputation issue. The purpose of this virtual event is launch the ‘Holding up the mirror: diversity data in the investment, wealth management and savings industry’ report. Find out how to get ahead, and align diversity data at the core of your organization's purpose. This is an LGBT Great & EY Report, done in partnership with the Diversity Project UK and NICSA, the Diversity Project North America.

  • Decrypting the Hype: Cryptocurrency and Tokenized Assets

    Contains 2 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 04/07/2021

    Industry buzz regarding Cryptocurrency and Tokenized Assets abounds. In this installment of the Reality Behind Buzzwords series, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges for the asset management and financial services industries. Expert panelists will explore issues around regulatory, risk, data security, and tax considerations. Join us to take a deeper dive into the implications for traditional asset servicers in terms of accounting, custody, record-keeping, safekeeping, and regulatory reporting. Discover the growth opportunities over the next 2-5 years, and explore what it means for related technologies such as distributed ledger, and the implications to financial services as we know them.

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