1. How do I access content in Nicsa’s Learning Management System?

Once you have a content item selected, click the “Register” link (Registration is complimentary for Nicsa members!). You may access that content immediately from the “Contents” tab on the “You Are Registered” results. To access the content at a later date (on-demand), you can register now and visit “My Dashboard" (on the right side navigation pane) later. “My Dashboard” will save and showcase all content that you have registered for. 

You can also access blogs, newsletters and quarterly insights without registering for them by clicking on the respective image under "Content by Type" and visiting those pages directly.

2. How do I cancel my registration or get a refund for a live event? 

Most programs are offered free of charge. For conference and event cancellations, please contact us at [email protected] or 508-485-1500. 

3. What are the system requirements for accessing a webinar? 

All Event Center users/viewers must access the meeting with an HTML 5 supported web browser.  To confirm if you are ready to participate in a web meeting, please take the browser test: http://eventcenter.commpartners.com/se/Meetings/BrowserTest_New.aspx?account.id=CommPart.

For technical assistance, contact CommPartners at 800.274.9390 or [email protected].


4. How do I define my interests to ensure the most accurate recommendations are displayed under the “Recommended for You" section? 

To define your interest areas, please visit the "My Interest Categories" section on the right-hand navigation under "My Account". 


5. I have other questions (not addressed in this section), how do I contact Customer Support? 

If you need assistance with registration, or accessing content you registered for, please contact [email protected] or 508-485-1500.