Nicsa Technology Platforms Allowlist Information

Given many of our member firms have strict IT security measures in place, we ask that you share the following information with your IT department to ensure you can access our events, content, and communications.
DomainIP AddressPurpose IP is used to chat with exhibitors during events IPs;; is Pulse, an interactive Q&A box during events
cp.eventsIP is the chat platform that our virtual events use, it is not a standalone site, but built into the overall event 
Previous IP addresses

Effective July 2023 
This is our site that hosts our events, webinars and content
nicsa.orgHosts our main website
hub.nicsa.orgHosts our single-sign on platform
Additionally, here is our email information:
Assigned IP addresses205.201.46.173
Prepend domain
Email domains & main addresses - please add to allowlist;;
We understand this is an extensive list but feel it will provide the best user experience possible. Please reach out to us at with any questions.