Elevating Women in the Workplace

A 2-week course composed of 2, 90 minute live-virtual classes. This course will be conducted virtually over Zoom and is created by Lake Forest Center for Leadership.

This course offers 3.6 CPEs. CEs will be offered pending IWI approval. Learn more here (accreditation & certificate section).

About Lake Forest Center for Leadership:
Lake Forest Center for Leadership is a world-class leader in hands-on business education. Their faculty is comprised of experienced business people who tap into their years of realistic business knowledge to provide participants the opportunity to understand and learn first-hand how to overcome challenges and succeed.

Sep 27 at 1:00 pm EDT
Module 1: Executive Presence & Navigating Leadership Opportunities

Attend Class

  • Group Discussion & Personal Assessment: How do you define Executive Presence?
  • Group Discussion & Collaboration: How do others perceive you?
  • Content: 8 C’s of Executive Presence
  • Group Breakout:
    • Which of the 3 C’s do you feel will be most impactful?
    • Where have you over or under-utilized one of the 8 C’s?
  • Group Discussion & Content: What does derailment look like?
  • Group Breakout:
    • Differences between leadership derailment for women vs. men?
    • What does derailment look like at your organization?
    • Knowing this information, what action will you take?

Oct 4 at 1:00 pm EDT
Module 2: Be the CEO of your Career

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Key Objectives

  • Group Discussion & Content: Your personal brand
  • Breakout Discussion: Create your personal mission statement
  • Group Discussion: Personal Mission Statements
  • Group Discussion & Content: Reframing our mindsets