Join Nicsa SLF attendees on Thursday, March 31 during our “Nicsa Gives Back” afternoon for a volunteering opportunity to support U.S. Hunger! We will be packaging meals-to-go to directly benefit communities in need.  

The volunteer event will begin at 1:00pm in the Masters Ballroom. Please find the food safety guidelines below. 

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All participants will be required to wear a hairnet during the entire duration of meal packaging.  Everyone will be instructed to cover the entire surface of their head, with all loose strands of hair, including bangs, tucked into the hairnet. If an individual has no hair, they will also be required to wear a hairnet. The hairnets will be provided. 

All participants who are packaging meals on the assembly lines will be required to remove all jewelry, with the exception of wedding rings/bands and medical bracelets. 

Food, Drinks and Tobacco
No food, drink or tobacco is permitted within 5 feet of the assembly lines. This includes water bottles and chewing gum. Participants will be asked to dispose of these items before reaching the assembly lines.

All attire worn in proximity to the food products and assembly lines must be clean and free from contamination. This includes outer garments, such as jackets and sweatshirts.

Personal Items
Participants will be instructed to place their personal items underneath the assembly line, prior to sanitizing their hands. Personal items such as purses, jackets, cell phones, cameras, etc must remain untouched for the duration of food packaging.

Hand Cleanliness
To minimize the risk of food contamination, participants will be required to clean their hands using Sani Hand Wipes and hand sanitizers prior to packaging food. If participants leave the food safe area, they must re-sanitize hands upon returning. Hands must also be re-sanitized if any personal items are touched, such as a cell phone or bag. Some participants will be instructed to also wear gloves depending on their position on the assembly line.


U.S. Hunger (formerly Feeding Children Everywhere) is dedicated to the vision of a hunger-free world. Through unique partnerships and innovative distribution programs, families across the world receive nutritious meals. We are experienced at activating the solutions necessary to address favorable outcomes for the most vulnerable individuals within priority populations.

Hunger Projects are fun, high-energy and hands-on meal packaging events that empower volunteers to make a tangible difference in the fight against hunger. Volunteers will work together in teams to package delicious meals for the millions of Americans living below the poverty line, including children, seniors and veterans across the country.