John McCracken

John McCracken

Lake Forest Center for Leadership faculty member John McCracken, CEO of McCracken Pharmaceuticals, is a business development professional with extensive  experience supporting Big Pharma, Specialty Pharma, Generics, Drug Delivery, Hospital Products and Biotechnology companies. He served Pfizer for over five years as VP, Business Alliances, and prior to that, Senior Director of Business Development.

John's expertise includes the search for new products; marketing of product development services; divestitures and out-licensing of products; management of licensing negotiations; contract renegotiations and due diligence management related to business development transactions.

In his consulting work, John capitalizes on a wellestablished network and extensive business development experience to assist pharma companies.

Recently he has been serving part-time as a coach with Career Resource Center.

John received his MBA from Northwestern University and his BA from Carleton College.

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