Diversity Data - What, Why and How?

Diversity Data - What, Why and How?

Speaker: Matt Cameron, Global Managing Director, LGBT Great

Covid-19 has shined a light on need for building better strategies for the collection of diversity data. Building back better on data collection presents an opportunity for firms to strengthen and retain their ‘social’ license to operate. 

Data is the ‘bedrock’ of all businesses and people are the single most important contributor of commercial success. Robust data enables us to recognised trends and patterns and influence crucial decision making and also enables us to see barriers and new opportunities. 

As a sector, the investment and savings industry has traditionally invested considerable money and resource into to understanding the behaviour patterns of clients, savers and investors. Yet when it comes to our own workforces, the data we have available about our own people ‘at home’ is considerably less. 

This insightful conversation by Matt Cameron will explore some of the macro-industry trends on collecting data on diversity dimensions and provide some thought provoking tips for moving the topic from just being about the numbers. 

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Diversity Data - What, Why and How?
10/07/2020 at 1:30 PM (EDT)   |  10 minutes
10/07/2020 at 1:30 PM (EDT)   |  10 minutes